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Introducing VelaSense® by Visus Technology

VelaSense® is the first of what is envisioned as several integrated product lines by Visus Technology, Inc., a company that was founded with the goal of creating accessible technologies for people who have accessibility issues. Visus Technology, Inc. hopes, through continuing technological development and research, to help create a future where there will be no barriers to accessibility. You can learn more about Visus Technology, Inc. by visiting our sister site


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The Name

    VelaSense® derives its name from Vela, which is a constellation that’s located in the southern sky, and the word “sense.” The word “Vela” is Latin, and it’s a term that translates loosely as a ship’s sails. Sense, of course, is a faculty by which the body perceives an external stimulus, the five senses being sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch.

The Product

    VelaSense® is a consumer product that has life-changing benefits for the user. It functions on any Android™ operating system that is series 4.3 or higher, and is designed to work on any handset. It employs the use of GPS for point-to-point navigation, 4G LTE and WiFi, downloading software upgrades, and using social networking applications. Voice recognition is employed for issuing verbal commands.

The Technology

    The VelaSense® application works in conjunction with a tiny camera that’s embedded in the smartphone. Using state-of-the-art imaging processing, VelaSense® has the ability to locate and discern text, recognize objects whose images are stored in the device’s database, and to navigate around obstacles or direct the user to street addresses. In addition to the cameras in the smartphone, a headset will house the following hardware: Gyroscopes and accelerometers to ascertain head position and movement in order to stablilize the image Tiny vibrating motors to provide directional cues to the location of text, objects, and obstacles in front of the user. A microphone to allow the user to deliver verbal commands to the device. An earpiece to provide audio feedback of text, places or items that are important to the user. This VelaSense® smartphone application suite transforms daily life for anyone who’s visually impaired, whether the level of impairment is mild difficulty seeing, or full blindness. It eliminates the need for a variety of different devices and software packages by bundling various adaptive technologies in one device and one software package. It’s now far easier to navigate the complex environment of mobile devices, and also to navigate the actual physical world with VelaSense®. This is a stand-alone system that facilitates mobility and independence safely and securely, and that also integrates seamlessly with other applications. Using navigation and image processing capabilities to provide feedback to users, VelaSense® provides users with a dramatically increased quality of life.

Who Benefits

    VelaSense® can benefit anyone with vision issues, regardless of cause. Minor visual field loss can be addressed by having the lost field reconstituted inside the small micro-display of a visual assist headset. People with severe visual impairment due to macular degeneration, glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa, or vision loss due to brain traumas, brain tumors or strokes can benefit by having visual imagery interpreted and communicated to them by VelaSense®. We also envision VelaSense® as being beneficial for people who have vestibular or other balance disorders or motor control deficits, people who have visual processing disorders or cognitive impairment, and Alzheimer’s patients. Even sighted individuals can use VelaSense® for guidance technologies and visual enhancement.

The Future

    Visus Technology, Inc. is committed to refining and enhancing the VelaSense® application suite in order to create increasing improvement in the quality of life enjoyed by people with various levels of visual impairment. This complete user interface to life management is just the beginning.